Smilemakers – Come Connected 10pk


Safe sex just got sexier. Presenting: our extra-lubricated, pleasure-first vegan condoms. Flavors, colors, and fragrances – forget ‘em. Just 100% natural, body-safe latex made by the best condom manufacturers in the business. 10 per box

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No risk of rips or tears – and always the right way up

The days of fumbling in the dark are over. Simply peel back, pop up, roll down – and enjoy the ride. They’re even biodegradable, too.



Made from 100% natural rubber latex

All ingredients are body-safe

No spermicide or parabens

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and always check the expiration date. If the condom feels brittle or damaged, don’t use it.

Our Come Connected condoms are in line with the regular size of leading brands
Length: 7.48 inches, width: 2.20 inches
Thinness: 0.05mm

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