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Who We Are

Let me introduce you to your new best friend O-MY!

After working in the women’s retail industry for over 20 years and seeing first-hand women struggle to embrace their own bodies, to be confident in their own skin and to see their own beauty, it’s been my personal mission to change this – for ALL women.

Let’s encourage confidence, admire our own bodies and feel sexy within our own skin. Sexual Wellness embraces all of this and O-MY is here for it!

For too long there has been such a stigma around sexual topics. I’m squashing that taboo and encouraging conversations that celebrate sexual pleasure and build confidence.

O-MY is for women from ALL backgrounds, shapes and sizes – lets break down those personal barriers.

WEAR THE LINGERIE – EMBRACE THE TOYS and feel amazing while doing it!

Welcome to this new era of unapologetic self love!

Lots of love Kirsty xx


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